Ghost Writers

Tom Randolph, a struggling soapie writer retreats to his leaky country shack to hack out episode 2347B of “Hearts Aflame”. He is interrupted by the arrival of three ghosts – Will, Sam and Oscar – who have been sent to help him with his “magnus opus”. While the literary apparitions struggle to understand the Character Breakdowns and Story Outlines of “Hearts Aflame”, Mary, Tom’s long suffering girlfriend, arrives. Matters are further complicated when the local community meets its newest inhabitants at a “Shakespeare” Trivia night at the local pub where a wild brawl ensues. Could the answer be an unfinished short story buried deep in Tom’s laptop about the night of his father’s death ? And will Tom finally be able to commit to the long suffering Mary ? An uplifting low budget comedy feature about finding the courage to be true to yourself.



Running Time

100 Minutes