I miss you the most

I miss you the most when I catch sight of the moon


Eveline and Darren are on a break but the last thing she expects when she attends a local painting class is to meet Allejandro, a talented artist from Peru. But as soon as she listens to him speak, with such passion and knowledge, about this thing that she once loved – she knows this man will play an important role in my life. But Darren is still her best friend. A romance about making difficult choices – and the reasons why we make them.


I miss you the most when I catch sight of the moon was first produced in May 2009 as a part of Notes from the Underground by The Curan Repertory Company at the American Theatre of Actors in New York, USA. Pictured are Kym Parrish as Eveline and Roberto Quintarelli as Allejandro in the Short+Sweet Sydney 2010 production at Newtown Theatre in Sydney, Australia in February 2010, directed by Deborah Mulhall.


2 male, 1 female

First Prod


Running Time

10 mins

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