Jammed India



Danny, a budding playwright, goes to a photocopying store to make twenty-one copies of his epic seven act play. When Cressida sees what he’s doing, she intervenes, hoping to save three thousand and sixty six sheets of paper. How far will one person go for their values, and what will another sacrifice for a new friendship … “and possibly more”?

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Jammed was first produced as part of the American Corner Festival 2010 at Szent Jozsef Gimnazium, Debrecen in Hungary on May 8th, 2010. The production was directed by Gyongyver Ceseke with Eva Aszodi as Cressida and Tibor Barna as Danny. Pictured are Shilpi Marwaha (left) and Viren Basoya (right) in the ASMITA Theatre production at Short+Sweet Delhi in November 2010. The production was directed by Arvind Gaur and Marwaha was awarded Best Actress in the Festival for her performance. (Picture courtesy of Monica Dawar Photography).


1 female, 1 male

First Prod


Running Time

10 mins